Welcome… I’m  Shelley Parris Williams wife to one incredible man who taught me love isn’t about making someone over but making them feel safe enough to BE! Mother of three amazing children whose spirit, love and courage remind me to lead with my heart. Gma to two beautiful Gbabies who have gifted me with the most beautiful vision for my legacy.


During a 30-day juice fast, life as I knew it forever changed! A series of events were set in motion igniting a soulWork journey within which uncovered my pattern of habitual existing and settling, all while under the heavy influence of ‘This is as Good as it Gets!’ I set out to erect a life that once again, made room for my gifts and allowed me to embrace the Infinite Possibilities in my life. Once released from corporate lockdown, I committed to doing the work in alignment with the passion and purpose brewing in my soul. My own pursuit of cultivating a personal practice of selfCare and selfLove inspired my advocacy to promote Ancient Healing Traditions and Sacred Femcare Tools centered around womb wellness. Having gone through years of moon cycling and giving birth to three children, it wasn’t until around age 36, when I was introduced to the sacredness and power of my womb (yoni) by one of my first yoga teachers and mentors. I learned about this intricate, detailed journal kept by our bodies, and how important it was to have proven methods like yoga and meditation to support emotional release and build a foundation of vitality, health and overall well-BEING!

Shelley Parris Williams, CNHP, CPNHS,  

selfCare Advocate & Certified Sacred Living Lifestyle Coach 

Shelley Parris Williams, selfCare Advocate & Certified Sacred Living Lifestyle Coach is the Creatress of The Womb Sanctuary. Shelley has blended her training as a Holistic Health & Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, SomaVeda Thai Yoga & Womb Sauna Practitioner, to create The Womb Sanctuary – A Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard & Loved! In her soulCentered practice, Shelley, a published author and gifted speaker, invites women to explore the Infinite Possibilities in their lives. Utilizing natural healing modalities like womb yoga, thai yoga and herbal vaginal steams, women learn to lead a more empowered life through sustained womb care. They are equipped with Sacred Tools and Techniques focused on: 

  • selfCare
  • Womb Wellness
  • Emotional well-BEING
  • Healing Trauma
  • Transformation

Shelley offers these Sacred Femcare tools and techniques to invoke the creative powers of the womb, awakening women to the Infinite Possibilities in their lives. Practicing Sacred selfCare, women learn to refill their cup and serve from their overflow. They begin to SHOW UP boldly and unapologetically, the greatest and highest version of Self. Finding the courage to live their authentic truth, women rediscover their G-Spot (Godspot) allowing them to taste the full sweetness of their lives and the Power of Being Present. They transition from living out carefully rehearsed Pain Stories to fashioning Power Stories worthy of all the best their GOD-sized dreams have to offer!

Shelley’s own pursuit of cultivating a personal practice of selfCare and selfLove inspired her advocacy to promote Ancient Healing Traditions and Sacred Femcare Tools centered around womb wellness. She used the very same principles, tools and techniques she now teaches to transcend her own Pain Story as a daddyless daughter, survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, loss of her own mother at age 15 and becoming a teen mother a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday.  Shelley learned to emerge from out of the shadows of a plagued victim mindset to empower herself with a masterfully re-written POWER Story of deliberate intentions to manifest a life NOW happening through her instead of to her.  She iNJOYs being a coach, guide and accountability partner accompanying women on their Sacred Journey of well-BEING as they rediscover their innate Power and begin to refill their JOYCup to overflowing and leading a fulfilled life on purpose!  Shelley has also gone on to build a thriving siSTARHood and soulTribe of doulas and midwives in the spirit, as she lovingly refers to her community of other like-minded women committed to cultivating the Goddess within to SHOW UP in their authentic truth and be able to present and serve the world with their God-appointed gifts and treasures. Their contributions serve to bring more light, love, peace, harmony and joy to a world seeking healing and wholeness.


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