Time to Sip & Surrender


Ohhhhh…. I can hear your resounding Sacred YES leaping boldly off the page of your answers! It is evident You recognize that NOW is the time to make the transition from living out carefully rehearsed Pain Stories to fashioning Power Stories worthy of all the best your GOD-sized dreams have to offer! Here at The Womb Sanctuary we create a Sacred Space for women like you to BE Seen, Heard and Loved! In the safety of this Sacred Space you are able to to cultivate joy, pursue your passion, and grow courageously in ways you never imagined because you have made the decision to SHOW UP and HEAL Your Life! It requires work and you being all in.

So what’s next?

Let’s schedule your complimentary Sip & Surrender soulSession. Set aside about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to join me for virtual tea (pour yourself a cup and I’ll pour mine). Take this Sacred Time to explore the answers waiting to unfold out of your Sacred YES and the POWER derived from the will to write a new STORY!
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