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Sacred selfCare Essentials to help you cultivate a consistent practice of Radical selfLove & selfCare! Yoni Eggs – Herbal Pads – Teas – Crystals & More… OH MY!!!

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We believe in the transformative power and energy of a soulTribe’s innate ability to help inspire healing, growth and evolution in the lives of those who inhabit it.

We believe in the redemptive cause of women gathering to hold Sacred Space for one another to SHOW UP and Become PRESENT, so they can start manifesting lives worthy of the God-sized dreams waiting to be birthed.

We belive in the Creative Power of our Wombs ripe with Divine Feminine Energy, once cultivated, enables the release of pain stories, broken/outdated cycles, and starts the refilling of JOYCups, and women leading more empowered, soulCentered lives.

Oh, how beautiful to witness women going from tolerance to celebration of their Goddess Birthright!

We’re seeking like-minded women who have committed to their own Sacred Me Journey and are ready to join a movement that involves fully supporting other women through the process of:

  • Courageously SHOWing UP
  • Being Present to manifest a life overflowing with Power, Creativity & Authenticity.
  • Demonstrating Radical selfLove & selfCare to Rise into the Highest Version of Themselves.

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What Our Customers are Saying…

“My first time meditating with the egg, I repeated a mantra in my head: ‘I breathe new life into my heart and womb’.  After about 30 minutes, (my cycle was starting) I felt more intense cramps than I ever have before. More intense than miscarriage pain, which was awful. This lasted about 1 1/2 hours and I cried and cried and screamed for the entire time. During this, I couldn’t help thinking that it wasn’t just cramps, but old hurts coming up and being released. it was very cathartic and therapeutic.  I am extremely grateful to have met Shelley and had a powerful experience with my egg before I ever inserted it. This egg is exactly what I was looking for. It is helping me release my past hurts in a more intense way than I could have imagined, and is what I needed! Just so grateful. Thank you for what you do.”

~Roxy X.

“It’s beautiful and is such a great addition to my new regimen of self-care. I’ve also gotten great emails from The Womb Sanctuary on how to get started.

Love it. The shipping was fantastic; so fast.”

~Joyce Mitchelson

☺ “The services & products that are provided by The Womb Sanctuary are endless from the awesome Thai Yoga sessions to the vegan bedroom products for couples to enjoy, oils, teas & I can’t forget my fav “Tingling” herbal feminine products Many blessings & continued success to The Womb Sanctuary.”

~Vicky Vanderpool

SB Connect

“I really enjoy all the extras that you send. All the affirmations and literature, oh and how could I forget the samples. Great !!!!”

~Crystel Taylor

~The Hawk's Nest Collection

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