Sacred Services

Holistic Coaching

soulRenewal – One on One coaching sessions designed to create an immensely nourishing environment for healing, transformation and wholeness to transpire.

Steam & Surrender

V-Steam – Energetic womb cleanse combining the ancient practice of herbs and steam medicine.  Detox and promote overall wellness of the vagina and reproductive system with our unique vaginal steams. 

Sacred Me: 30-Day Virtual Retreat

Welcome yourself back home to YOU! Utilize powerful tools and techniques to help you establish a practice of selfCare and selfLove. Refill Your JOYcup and BEcome selfFULL!

Our Sacred Service was born out of my own crisis and pain story becoming the driving force behind my message of selfCare. As a Sacred Witness to all of the amazing women I get to serve, I found myself one day staring into the eyes of these women and seeing a reflection of myself, and that of my own mother staring back. She was 48, a single mom, grandmother and a trauma nurse. Her life revolved around caring for everyone else, going above and beyond in her call to duty, yet as she bled heavy and experienced painful cycle after another painful cycle, she considered taking time out for her own selfCare, an inconvenience she could not assign to nor disrupt anyone else’s agenda… because of course, that would be too SELFISH!

My selfCare Matters 

Time to Refill Your JOYCup

So, as I met with these amazing women who found the courage to seek refuge of a Sacred Space, fearful of being an inconvenience or worst yet being SELFISH….  Behind their eyes I saw those of my mother whose pain for too long had been overlooked. I meet their pain with reassurance that it is ok! Ok, to ask for what they need without fear of  judgment!

It was important, necessary, and indeed ESSENTIAL, for them to nourish, nurture and begin to pour back into their own cups and learn to live from a place of their overflow. They needed to learn how to breathe again, to reconnect to their center and give being strong the middle finger! Tell it to go and take with it all those orchestrated painted smiles and hollow masks filled with masquerading women dying slowly. Never to be heard as their supposed roars came out like whispers to closed ears- tone deaf to the contradictions they spoke fluently, desperately trying to rediscover their authentic voices. It was time to remove the masks and let go all that was no longer serving them, weighing them down and bleeding them dry…. sucking the life out of them making it almost impossible to pick up the melody of their soul’s song.

On mats we labor and cry, we push past pain and learn to LOVE ourselves whole and back to Life… we REBIRTH the highest versions of ourselves within the vulnerability of lowering walls to allow light to shine into those dark hidden, spaces… Surrounded by our midwives and doulas in the spirit we remember the melody and unapologetically begin to sing our soul’s song again.

That’s when it all came full circle for me, and I recognized my years of carrying a pain story turned into the powerful incantation which allowed me to rise up and serve in a place where I could honor my mother’s beautiful memory! The Womb Sanctuary is a Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard & Loved! I am so very humbled and honored to avail myself as a vessel to bring forth this mighty message!

        What People Are Saying About Us… 

Genna Giacobassi, Nomadic | Folk | Soul Artist

“In my beautiful and powerful session, Shelley supported my need to connect with my womb and to enhance self trust. In a time of despair and uncertainty, I received the gift of hope. I feel rejuvenated and connected. I am thankful!”

Hawks Nest Collection

“Check out the awesome review  on one of our signtaure items featured in the Sacred Sweets Boutique – YONI EGGS!”

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