Sacred Moon Time

I received my period at the age of 9. It was an awkward and brief conversation with my mom, who even though she was a nurse, the words and preciousness of the moment escaped her. We both settled on the notion that my book-smart knowledge base had adequately prepared me for what this all meant for my body, and the fact that I now had to wear pads. One of my few recollections of that time was taking a bath in the tub, and watching my blood flow down the drain; thinking to myself that this somehow made me a woman because the signal of blood meant that babies could be made. My mind could not fully grasp the concept in its entirety and for the most part it was uneventful and came with very little pain. I knew nothing about how to follow my cycle and just expected it to show up each month and if it didn’t, it meant you were pregnant.

I became sexually active at an early age… 

losing my virginity to an older, cute neighborhood boy. Disillusioned by the fables in the stories I read, I never expected the kind of pain that would pierce my walls as this young, hurried and just-as-clueless-as-me boy, entered me. Again, I remember watching my blood wash down the drain associating my act with womanhood and truly confused with what it all meant. It became yet another secret I kept from my mom. Earlier violations in my life by family members and a close family friend had somehow disconnected me from the ownership of my body and its preciousness. It left behind an imprint that my body was no longer mine to keep it and had become this convenient use for men to get what they wanted. So I used it is a bargaining tool to get the same. An inconsistent and distant relationship with my father is the traceable root which sprouted my dysfunction with men. My dad, who when he did show up, always came bearing expensive gifts that my single mother of four, could not afford as she held down all the financial responsibilities of raising children, working full-time and attending night school to better her life. The idea that money and the shininess of new things could somehow patch up the gaping holes which were now forming craters in my heart, slowly formed these vines and branches that would eventually entangle me over the years.

The first time my period didn’t come I was 14 and pregnant by my then, 18 year old boyfriend. We secretly handled it. The next time it didn’t come I was 15 and decided I would keep my baby. I was 15, and four months pregnant when I lost my mother to complications with fibroids. I didn’t learn until after her transition, that she bled heavy and long with the grapefruit-sized tumors on both sides of her uterus. Following the birth of my daughter, a couple years went by with irregular periods and eventually it disappeared altogether for over 18 months and didn’t comeback until a prescription of birth control brought my blood down again. Navigating through life as a teen mother on my own and going along with societal lessons, there was nothing sacred or precious about the blood. It was a mere inconvenience and at the same time conjured relief of “no babies”.

Sacred and Moon Cycle are words that only in the past few years entered my world upon the heels of REmembering the womb wisdom that had been buried deep within my sacred walls still untouched and unscathed. It remained timeless waiting to impart the wisdom of our Sacred Moon Time as women, where in our western culture we are ostracized, made to feel dirty and ashamed of one of the most powerful and natural occurrences throughout our lives which happen each month. Speak to most women and you are delivered wrenching tales of doom and gloom. Many reveling in ways to make it stop never being exposed to the truth about this beautiful, creative force happening within our bodies corresponding with nature!

As a wife, mother of three children and Gma of two beautiful granddaughters, I am so grateful to have access to this womb wisdom and be able to impart those lessons to my girls. For my youngest daughter who is turning 10 soon, I look forward to having a New Moon-First Moon Celebration. I have complied some resources below that will be able to assist you in creating a Sacred Moon Time for yourself as you learn how to harness the energy of your moon cycle.

Women’s Voices for the Earth amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.

Reference Guide 

Sacred Moon Time Guidance

Goddess Rising is a Sacred Sanctuary and Global Sisterhood for the reawakening of the Divine Feminine in all of us. They have an awesome tool for you to chart your personal monthly cycle. This will allow you to become aware of your patterns and how we as women are directly influenced by the lunar energy of the moon.

Download your Moon-Mandala-Chart and Moondala Moon Chart Instructions.

Sacred Moon Time Starter Kit

Be sure you are honoring your Sacred Moon Time with natural and non-toxic feminine care products. You can visit our Sacred Sweets Boutique to browse our awesome selection of femcare and selfCare products to support you during this time and beyond! Pick up a Sacred Moon Time starter kit while you’re here!

We also offer herbal vaginal steams – take advantage of our soulRadiance (Steam & Surrender) session.

The Moon Cycle and The Menstrual Cycle

So how’s your menstrual cycle in relation to the moon cycle? Do you menstruate on the new moon or on the full moon? What’s the moon phase when you ovulate?

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The Female Energy Cycle

The Female Energy Cycle contains a pattern or blueprint of feminine behaviour. And just like the lunar cycle there is a distinct order, system, ebb and flow to the way these feminine archetypes appear within the Female Energy Cycle.

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Sisters of Flow

Where we “Go with the Flow” about anything and everything menstrual cycles!

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Supporting Women's Health and Fertility

Explore info on menustration, fertility, getting pregnant, puberty, menopause and much more.

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Women's Voices For The Earth

Women’s Voices for the Earth amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.

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