As women with our multitude of roles: MOTHER, DAUGHTER, WIFE, SISTER, FRIEND, CONFIDANTE, there is none we take more serious than that asNURTURER! It is in our DNA to take care of others, even at the expense of ourselves. With our never ending to-do-lists and the constant demands for our attention to SHOWUP, it’s no mystery why our needs get left by the wayside! See there is this SECRET CODE we’ve been following that conjures up those panicky feelings of  GUILT,  if God forbid we finally starting saying YES toOURSELVES!

Because that’s so SELFISH… RIGHT???

So we walk around day in and day out feeling FRUSTRATED and RESENTFULfor the way we have taught this world to treat us! Depleted and running on pure FUMES after giving ALL of ourselves, to everything and everyone else, we’re left holding an EMPTY CUP! 


selfCare is GUARANTEED to Cause Side Effects, please check the following list for any associated symptoms you MIGHT be experiencing:
















WARNING: May cause extreme cases of EUPHORIA, CLARITY, PEACE, and selfLOVE. Conditions can intensify with a continuous selfCare practice. Results may vary based on your soulWork commitment. Countless Women have reported these and other conditions. You can conveniently find these reports under the section on this site called HEARTimonies. We look forward to capturing your report, NEXT!

Sacred selfCare is Serious Business!

It is a courageous act of selfLove requiring your COMMITMENT, and being INTENTIONAL about the life you choose to CREATE! It calls for a daily practice of wholesome habits to support the REFILL of YOUR CUP without fear of guilt or need for an apology! It’s about time you SAVE SOME FOR YOU!

READY to experience those EXTREME SIDE EFFECTS of selfCare?


A great way to keep YOU Intentional about your selfCare!

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