Sacred Me 

30-Day Virtual Retreat

“When did you stop?”
“Stop what?”
“Stop Believing!”


One day she decided she was important enough to invest in herself. She had done it years before, finally stepping out to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. She often wondered what happened to her. The one that had dared to DREAM and BE! The one who entered the arena of infinite possibilities shedding her cloak of limitations and disbelief. She, the one who conjured up the magic and declared she was going for it… going courageously in pursuit of her DREAMS, even if it meant Kung Fu fighting with fear until it wound up in a choke hold screamming, ‘uncle’!

Yes, it was time and today was the day! See she had looked up, eyes locking eyes with her in the mirror and she no longer recognized her… and it scared her! So finally she said, YES… to her! 

Sounds like your story?

No longer happy with the direction your life is going in?

Tired of running away from your dreams instead of towards them?

Are you ready to Declare Your Divine “YES” and embark on a 30-Day Love Me Some Me Love fest?


You’re invited to the Sacred Me: 30-Day Virtual Retreat.  It’s all about welcoming yourself back home to YOU! We’ll be using powerful tools and techniques to help you establish a practice of Radical selfCare and selfLove. Learn how to Refill Your JOYCup and become selfFULL! 

I know you’ve been searching, praying, can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know without a shadow of a doubt that there must be more. Well, it’s Time to find that Sweet Spot, G-Spot (Godspot) again. Calling out to all my diamonds in the rough who almost forgot what it was like to shine. Let’s embark on a journey beyond your wildest imagination.

To prepare for this unforgettable Sacred Me Journey and reserve your spot for the upcoming Sacred Me: 30-Day Virtual Retreat, claim your 3-Day Access Your Vision Pass NOW!

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Sacred Me: 30-Day Virtual Retreat








7 – Sacred selfCare Tips & Planner 

        What People Are Saying About Us… 

Yoli James, Corporate Manager

“Words can’t describe how much The Womb Sanctuary has helped in shifting my life in the right direction. I thought I had it all together but was tired of repeating some of the same life lessons over and over. I highly recommend women take the time out for themselves and visit. Shelley is an amazing, patient and genuine coach. She’s an igniter! You will not be same after The Womb Sanctuary. I’ll be forever grateful!”

Ashlee John, Fete Fit

“I experienced some great ways to release myself of different burdens I have been carrying. I also worked on some exercises that will help fill me to where I am able to pour from the overflow of my cup. I am receiving inner peace, exhale, realese, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, love and respect. Thank you Shelley!

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