Steam & Surrender Session (Herbal Vaginal Steam / Vsteam)


Revive and Rejuvenate in this 90-minute soulSession session. Our Sacred Offering includes:  

  • Guided Visualization and Meditation
  • Breathwork and Sacred Movement
  • A wild-crafted signature blend of Sacred Tibetan botanical herbs and minerals sourced from the highest quality. Used in select clinics all over the world. 
  • Revitalizing your womb. Promote better circulation with increased blood flow.
  • Nourishing and strengthening the womb with an energetic charge to feel replenished and rejuvenated.
  • Body Mapping- Creating new pathways for the body to communicate. Release trauma and increase energy. 
  • Energy Harmonizing and sound therapy
  • Use of a far infrared steamer
  • A Sacred selfCare Starter Kit and other extras during your session.


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Vaginal Steam, V-Steams or Yoni Steams.  This herbal womb cleanse combines the ancient practice of herbs and steam medicine adopted from indigenous African, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean and Asian Cultures.

  • To help aid and support in the detox and overall wellness of the vagina and reproductive system, incorporating holistic health counseling with breath focus, facilitated stretching and yoga asanas (postures) to open the hips, increasing circulation to the womb, and removing tension in the back and pelvis.
  • Clients are seated on a handcrafted teak wood yoni steam throne, covered with sauna capes to allow for the release of the herbal steam to penetrate vaginal tissues. The steam is generated by the far infrared steam pot that houses the herbs during the steam session.  A full body sweat and detoxification is experienced as the pores open for the skin to absorb the herbal steam.
  • Detoxification happens, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually  – to help individuals find physical, mental and emotional relief and discover a sustainable renewed sense of self


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Steam & Surrender

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