Sacred Me: 3-Day Access Your Vision Pass


Your 3-Day Access Your Vision Pass includes:

  • Personal Sacred Me Tour Guide
  • (3) 45-Minute – Group Calls
  • Daily Email Prompts
  • Travel Guide of soulWork Assignments
  • Guided Meditations and Visualization Exercises
  • Sacred Me: 7- Sacred selfCare Tips & Planner
  • Private FB Group


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3-Day Access Pass – Do You Know?

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you
Where are you going to?
Do you know?” ~Diana Ross

I am reminded of this song, I learned back in day camp when I was attending a P.A.L program. It was part of a dance routine I had to perform as one of our camp group activities. It’s a melody and meaning which has followed me throughout life. A gentle nudge I get from Spirit to check in on the life map. Where does X mark the spot? You know the Sweet Spot, the dance, the skip and hop along the Sacred Me Journey Brick Road revealing the Sparkling Vision of the You that You are Becoming. You know the Brilliance of you echoing from out of the depths of your womb.

These check-ins are oh so vital. When we take the time to track our location to ensure we’re still on course for our intended destination, we may discover some startling news! 

We find ourselves off course or totally clueless as to where we’re even headed. We’re being pulled in a million and one directions. We lose sight of ourselves, of our visions and dreams and if truth be told, we just may have stopped dreaming altogether.  

With this 3-Day Access Your Vision Pass you’re invited  to explore, chart your destination with a clearly defined starting point, and get you ready to embark on one of the most important trips of your life- A Return Home to Yourself!  

We’re prepping for your trip and I’m accompanying you as your Trusted and Sacred Me Tour Guide. We’re going to learn the art of packing light as we:    

  • Determine what to leave behind…. (drop what no longer serves or doesn’t belong to you)
  • Declare your I AM and Vision Statements  
  • Create  your selfCare Toolkit 
  • Design Your Ultimate Vision for Your Journey 
  • Carve Out Your Sacred Space- My Sacred Me Sanctuary 

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