The Womb Sanctuary A Sacred Space for Women


...because I know what’s it like to feel invisible


because I know what’s it like to be muted


because I know what’s it like to feel unlovable

Shelley Parris Williams

selfcare Advocate | Sacred Living Lifestyle Coach 

I Champion Women to SHOW UP for themselves UNAPOLOGETICALLY, to start making lists that include them, to put down their martyrdom badge and release the noose from around their neck which started as their superwoman cape… BUT now it’s strangling them!

I Invite Women to BE VULNERABLE… CRY… BECOME UNDONE… so they can COMMUNE with the innermost parts of themselves.

I Guide Women to be their own SACRED WITNESS and STORYTELLER who chooses to relinquish the Pain Story, to begin to  Rise in Love with themselves and fashion their POWER Story!

I Remind Women HOW incredibly BEAUTIFUL, NECESSARY, WORTHY and IMPORTANT they are…

That when they use their SACRED WORDS to speak HEALING over their lives, placing the oxygen mask on themselves, CHOOSING to BREATHE New Life into those barren and desert places, EVERYONE gets to benefit from their NON-NEGOTIABLE, RADICAL Act of selfLOVE and selfCARE….

Because FINALLY they CHOSE themselves…FIRST!!!

I want to help you REFILL Your JOYCup, so you learn how to serve from the OverFLOW supply of a FulFilled BEING and no more leaving an UNLived Life out on the table! 

It’s Time to Boldly, Courageously LIVE Out LOUD LIVE and In Color the Width and Depth of the Master’s Plan! 


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