Our Client Love Notes


I absolutely loved my experience with Shelley at The Womb Sanctuary. This space and practice gives me the opportunity to self-check and be present.

Christina Arenas

CREATRess , Blue Sage Eco Boutique


Thank you to Shelley, my SiStar in wellness, for an amazing Thai yoga session. I have had Thai yoga done on me before in Thailand but this experience was far more powerful. Thank you for stepping out there and doing the work that is so needed. Much love!

Diana Seaton Pfueffer

CREATress, Venus Inspired Living

The Womb Sanctuary has helped me realize it’s okay to take time for me. I have always been the YES lady to others putting myself last. TWS has allowed me the space to cry, laugh, refill my cup, say NO, evaluate my feelings and build a better relationship with myself. I am forever grateful for this life change. Without Shelley and TWS, I would not be the woman I am today!

Shanda Howard

Event Planner I Coordinator, Creative Dates


My experience with Shelley was wonderful.  I felt amazing during the whole session and saw a big difference in my body once the session was over.  Thank you, Shelley and I hope you continue helping many people the way you have helped me.

Claudia Nieto Fontanini

Acupuncture and Natural Therapies


I first want to say it has been a pleasure working with you through this fog that I was in. It took me a while to commit to the yoni egg… I was skeptical but not any more! I needed a fresh start. I was ready to do the work! I did not know what was going to happen but when the dust settled I must say that I feel the best that I have in a long time. The yoni egg did exactly what I asked it to do. After three months of dealing with the purging I finally am at peace. My rose quartz has become my comforter.  I wish more women would cleanse their wombs, we would all definitely be living instead of just existing! Peace and love to you!

Karen Randolph

Parties by Karen


I experienced my third eye opening, and the weight of world releasing from my shoulders. I have clarity and seek connecting with my femininity. My session with you is the beginning of a journey – a journey of healing and growth. You embody the spirit of care, compassion, passion and wisdom. You have brought an amazing gift to women with The Womb Sanctuary.

Karen Friend


Everything was perfect! Shelley clearly is fulfilling her calling and we woman are so lucky to recieve the benefit of her gifts. She is supportive, nurturing,encouraging and a true healer. The steam was surprisingly delightful and I could really feel my body detoxing afterward! I love her feminine care products 🙂 they make you smile, SERIOUSLY!!! Shelley knows exactly what us women go through, what we feel, how we think. Life has prepared her well to be a leader and to show women how to come home!!!

SaRee Purcell

Barefoot Massage of New Tampa

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