Virtually all functions in the body use water, yet close to 75% of Americans are considered dehydrated.  The best way to purify drinking water is a unique ionizer machine that uses a natural instead of forced pH approach, focuses on dissolving molecular hydrogen in the pure water rather than pH, super purifies, adds no substances to the water, never has to be cleaned, supports the energy of water, and is unconditionally guaranteed forever. Molecular hydrogen (proven by 600+ clinical studies to aid 150+ human diseases) is the key element in “healing waters” where people live to high ages in excellent health – and we can drink similar Echo water in our homes and workplace, the single best decision for our health!

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ECHO ULTRA 9  – Revolutionizing the Way You Drink Water!

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Echo 9 Water Machine is equipped with a 9-Stage Filtration System which includes a Tourmaline crystal that emits far infrared energy. Choose from 4 levels to further enhance and infuse the water with over 400 homeopathic frequencies promoting a gentle detox of the body and organs to improve – digestion, brain/kidney function and the overall body’s personal performance.

Echo® Hydrogen Enriched & Energized Water Machine for the home or office!

  • ¾ of the body is water, yet up to 75% of Americans are considered dehydrated
  • Bottled water study (18 brands) due to filling heated plastic, had 24,500+ chemicals in each (link); chemicals hinder hydration inside of the cells, hinder hormones, & increase tumor risk
  • Echo® excels at a special form of hydrogen that helps the body heal, as validated by 600+ clinical studies with 150+ human disease models (Non-profit Science Site)
  • It is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that creates new water we didn’t even drink
  • The machine never builds up “scaling” on the 9 electrodes: maintenance free and guaranteed forever
  • The 9-stage filtration is excellent, removing pesticides, metals, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.(detailed study to be published by “Health Ranger” in 3Q 2016)
  • The innovation is unique: 3 forms of beneficial energies to help the body heal itself
  • Echo® produces 3 different useful forms of water: ionized drinking water, ionized veggie cleaning or beauty water, & filtered water only
  • A water ionizer uses electrolysis, which produces molecular hydrogen (H2) at the cathode in the electrolysis chamber. Molecular Hydrogen also knows as diatomic hydrogen or just Hgas is a neutral molecule. Molecular Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant because it converts the toxic “OH*” radicals into water molecules in the cells.
  • Ionized water is also an excellent cleaning and sterilizing solution. Ionized water hydrates you on a cellular level and helps rid the body of free radicals as long as it has sufficient amounts of H2.
  • After the water containing molecular hydrogen is absorbed through the small intestines, the H2 enters the cells of the body and combines hydroxyl free radicals creating a water molecule in the cells (2OH* + H2 –> 2H2O).  This is very powerful from a perspective of cellular hydration, detoxification, and increased energy.
  • Endorsed by The Truth About Cancer docu-series
  • Water helps with health/hydration, and can help business with income/customers
  • 30-day return policy, professional installation included, shipping included
  • $2995 with periodic specials. Optional digital faucet $500 for under-sink operation. Check, CC, or Financing: $0 down, as low as $30/mo.
  • Worry Free- Echo® Forever Warranty for peace of mind. Warranty included parts, labor, and shipping…no questions asked…no time period…no warranty card needed…ever.

Benefits of Having a Echo® Water Machine

Benefits of Echo® Hydrogen Enriched  Water

  • Molecular Hydrogen- cellular hydration, converts free radicals into water molecules 
  • Better Hydration- increases energy, detoxification
  • Healthier You – Boosts the Immune System
  • Increased Energy – due to being hydrated
  • Impove Athletic Performance- less fatigue
  • Workout recovery time cut in half 

Uses of H2 Water – Alkaline 

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Energy 
  • Immune system boost 
  • Weight loss
  • Acid reflux

Echo® Beauty Water 

  • Natural non-abrasive astringent for the face
  • Water with O2 to hydrate and nourish household plants
  • Promotes healing of superficial cuts, scrapes and burns due to Hypochlorus Acid and O2
  • Topical skin cleansing agent capable of killing bacteria and some viruses. (Hypochlorus Acid)

Echo® Beauty Water – Uses

  • Water face- astringent
  • Fight acne; tone skin
  • Rinse vegetables & fruits
  • Water Plants
  • Heal cuts & scrapes faster
  • Heal skin issues & burns
  • Mouth rinse to kill bacteria

Bring Your Water to Life

A unique line of gem water bottles and wares carefully selected to take your water game to the next level!

  • Premium Lead-free 16.9 fl.oz glass bottles handcrafted by master glassblowers in Bohemia
  • 17-fascinating gemstone mixtures from hand-selected, fairly-traded gems
  • Interchangeable Gemstone Pods (purchased separately to change up your blends)              
  • Purchase the handy stainless steel tea strainer with its own carrying case which allows you to sip and iNJOY your fine loose leaf teas using the very same gem water bottle

I love my echo water system and beautiful crystal infuser water bottle! I use them everyday. My body feels lighter, cleaner and healthier. Best investment in my health I’ve ever made!

Heather Frabasiak

Nurse Anesthetist

The Truth About Hydration 

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Why is Echo Water the Best?


After the water containing molecular hydrogen is absorbed through the small intestines, the Hydrogen gas enters the cells of the body and combines with Hydroxyl Radicals to create a water molecule in the cells (2OH* + H2 –> 2H2O). This is very powerful from a perspective of cellular hydration, detoxification, and increased energy.

Over the Counter Option – $2995.00

Under Sink Option w/ Digital Faucet- $3495.00

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Based on the retail price of Echo® 7 Water Ionizer, including the annual filter replacement and the average cost of tap water at the rate of $.002 per gallon for the next 15 years. With decreased consumption of bottled water you will be contributing to the environment by reducing plastic pollution. You can also reduce your spending on many household cleaners and disinfectants, skin toner, after-shave, hair rinse, mouth wash, etc. Conservatively, this could save $15/$30 per month, $180/$360 per year which equals $2,700/$5,400 over 15 years! This alone covers the cost of the ionizer.

NOTE: Figures were calculated based on a family of four, using a recommended daily water consumption formula of 3/4 the body weight of each individual in ounces of water. Father – 190 lbs, Mother – 160 lbs, 13 year old son – 100 lbs, 10 year old daughter – 75 lbs. Weights based on National Center for Health Statistics for average weights of individuals living in the United States. This family should consume 384 oz, 3 gallons of water each day. The calculations above have been figured using 3 gallons of daily consumption.

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