“Every thought and every emotion has a direct effect upon the physical constituents of the body. The mental and emotional vibrations become physical vibrations and structure” ~Dr. Henry Lindlahr, M.D. 1913

Twenty-first century science can now confirm the presence of a human energy field, and proves a direct link between energy and disease! The body’s energies are key to health, vitality, and well-being, and medicine is finally acknowledging this.  Energy medicine is now transforming health care, and we have an amazing tool that has medical doctors, nurses and health professionals raving about it! 

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CHEERS 2 Energy! Welcome to EMRO Quantum – Solution for your life…

and the amazing powers vibrational frequencies have on our energy and healing capabilities. EMRO Quantum has harnessed these energies to using state-of-art holographic discs, making it possible to support optimal energy vibrations within the body leading to greater healing and well-being. Imprinted quarter-sized discs enabling people to directly target and balance faulty areas within the body respnsible for issues such as pain, inflammation, energy depletion, stress and more!  Absolutely nothing is entering! No drugs or chemicals involved! Safe for the entire family to use, including babies, nursing and expectant moms, even PETS! No worries it won’t even interfere with any of your medications.  

Do you know people who…

  • Suffer from chronic pain? 
  • Want to enhance physical performance?
  • Experience low back pain?
  • Stay STRESSED?
  • Seek relief from sinus and allergy symptoms?
  • Struggle with little to no energy?
  • Need to improve cognitive function?
  • Want to increase immune function?
  • Need to improve sleep?

DISCLAIMER: EMRO Quantum holographic discs do not prevent, treat, heal or cure any disease, illness or injury.

Getting “Sticky with It!” HEARTimonials 

Relief In 30 seconds to a Minute 

  • The Back Relief hologram helped me with excruciating back pain for years- in 30 seconds to a minute – it went away – it was a miracle! ~Sarah Garza, Houston 


 I did NOT Struggle getting up this morning

  • I was up until 1 am studying one night knowing I had a 7:30 am meeting the next morning. I put a Sleep hologram on each temple along with the Performance holograms on top of them. ~De’Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acpuncture Physician 

Numbness in 2 fingers for 10 years

  • The Circulation hologram was placed behind my neck and I could feel the blood moving into my fingers and the warmth. It was wonderul! ~Diane Burgess, Miami 

15 minutes no pain 

  • For 4 days I had major neck and back pain. I could not turn my head at all without experiencing shooting pains. After having the Relief and Circulation hologram placed on me, within 15 minutes I was able to move my neck without pain. After 30 minutes my shoulder and neck pain was completely gone. ~Christina Arenas, Tampa 

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I gave the sleep hologram to my patient Vivian and she LOVED it. Funny, I say I never have problems sleeping, but I was wide awake one night, so I tried it, too. Only one disc, and I slept AMAZINGLY well and woke up feeling great. I was so impressed.  

Dr. Judi

MD, Reseach Doctor, Miami

Seeing/Feeling is Believing  

Holographic energy discs are programmed with specific frequencies, that when applied to certain acupressure points on the body, help to modulate or adjust the body’s energy to support greater health and well-being. Holograms transmit beneficial energy formulas to merdians that help restore or influence cellular structure, which in turn, also influences the functioning of the entire human body.

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