Without Knowing It


Without Claiming It,


Stands Up


-Maya Angelou



This past weekend left me in awe! With the touchdown of a second full moon to close out the month of March, solar flares, Mercury Retrograde, and a whole lot of Doing, Being, Doing, Being…. oh let’s be real

DOING and more


I was humbled by my experience with the group of six courageous women who came down to visit from Jacksonville, FL daring to Make SHIFT Happen in their lives!

At times, I felt as though I was having an out of body experience – becoming a Sacred Witness to the raw, tender moments we shared together. The range of emotions that spilled over from shells, willing to crack open, to allow the light to enter the wounds as a healing balm. A balm of wholeness and hope which created the momentum for this dream it alive state to be activated within the cells…. the InHER workings of a resilient DNA formed by our ancestor’s answered prayers! The waking up to BOLD, AUDACIOUS visions of one selves reminding you, that YOU are the DAYUM SOLUTION!

Wow, how awesome of an opportunity to see self through Spirit and their Divine Eyes operating in your greatest and highest forms. Not lacking or needing a thing. All ready having. All ready being.

I tell you my heart was full, my spirit lifted and I could feel my mother’s love and approval enveloping me all the way from the ancestral realm. I do this work in her memory. I do this work so no other woman needs to feel shut out, let down or hopeless. I do this work to provide Sacred Safe Spaces to remind YOU, woman…

that YOU are




Then on the heels of this new year the call to Vibrate Higher got consistently louder… calling me to new levels and realms bringing with it the crowning of the IgniteHER Power: Make SHIFT Happen movement. A movement turning up  the InnerG of those safe, sacred spaces.  Transforming them into High Vibrational dwelling places for women to activate their power in a way they never have before. I cannot take the credit for this. I am but a mere conduit… a vessel that was simply able to hear the call and answer it with a YES and SHOW UP….

So I SHOWED UP with a YES and a big enough WHY!

I STOOD UP with knees knocking, teeth chattering, snot nosing and a pounding heart because, I too, struggle with my own voices that have me second guessing and wanting to shrink…. But this year I made my declaration chose to fearLESS, get out of my own way and vibe to my own beat with the intention that my soulTribe would get the signal in the atmosphere, sorta like how the Batman symbol would fly over Gotham city.

I am grateful for all the amazing women I get to serve and will get to serve. Those who have entrusted me to hold those sacred spaces. It is an honor and privilege to do this work and it is the goal of my team and I to provide those exceptional experiences to help you Say YES, SHOW UP and STAND UP more and more because someone is waiting for your reflection to be their confirmation.  I hope you get the message that the time is NOW!

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