Your I AM is so powerful!

For whatever you put after those words you declare and decree giving life to them.
Be Intentional with Your Speech!
Take some time to Breathe Deep Today and Meditate on the following
I AM Power Statements.
Grab your Vision Journal.
Feel free to add some of your own.
Go with whatever resonates with you.
Once you’re down with your list I would like for you to say all of them out loud.
This is also a great time to grab a glass of water. Water is an excellent transporter
of energy and vibration. After you said your I Am statements out loud and really said
it with your Solar Plexus that if I was listening to you, I would believe you because
I would be able to feel the power of your words in the fiber of my being!
So take your time and really say it like you mean it, that if someone else is in the other room
wherever you are, that they have to come in and check what’s going on because they felt the SHIFT.
The change of your words, your physical state and focus has the immediate power to SHIFT your environment both internally and externally. You can clear the heaviness in your room and your heart.
So go on with your Make SHIFT Happen, Powerful and Intentional self!
Say it aloud and then…
Seal it with this,
“Who AM I is My Word and with My Words I Create My Life.
I Honor My Declarations as Myself. I Give My Life to My Word and
My Word to My Life!”
Drink your water and imagine as you sip the vibration of every word being transported to every cell in your body. Feel the activation taken place at this cellular level. The awakening to all that has already taken up residence within you and simply awaiting your command.
As you reside in this space of Powerful Creation ask yourself the following questions:
“What Will I Choose to Experience and BE Present to Today?
“What Will I Choose to Give Meaning to in My Life?”
Recognizing the Power in Our Choosing puts us back in the driver seat of our life. No more just a passenger being taken for a ride. Arriving at place where life is happening through us versus to us.
Life is Us!

So what will will you do with this one, precious life of yours?

I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

Refill Your JOYCup

IgniteHER Power I AM Power Statements

IgniteHER Power Statements


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