Our body is an elaborate series of systems which include cells and chakras. Our cells are a sophisticated storyteller which overhears our thoughts and words, then relays it back through the impulses of our body. We replicate our environment and experiences through our DNA which tells the tale of our ancestors, the past, the NOW and our future.  I am quite fascinated by it all, and the chakra system which houses our energy.

I was recently introduced to a method of therapy designed to unlock the memories stored within our cells. The memories of success and greatness. The memory of that business stirring up inside your belly waiting to come forth. I have been exploring this therapy and other concepts over several weeks through the guidance of my coach and experiencing some significant changes within my own life. It is helping to revolutionize my practice with clients, where one of our key focuses is identifying that Pain Story that has been living within us so we can transform it into our Power Story. That Pain to Power process is absolutely life-changing. It starts to change the negative charge around what has happened to you. In fact, you discover that life isn’t happening to you at all, it is happening through you based on the story you choose to tell – the constant Pain or Power!  You get to decide.

Here’s a cool exercise I developed from what I learned called, Touch and Agree with Your Vision. It’s tapping for the chakras! I have provided a short script of power affirmations for you to meditate on and recite while touching and holding the energy space of each corresponding chakra outlined in the chart below. Use the script as a guide to make your own as you begin to declare the Power Story over your life! I believe it’s time for you to Make SHIFT Happen!

So let’s find a sacred space where you can be undisturbed for some time. Sit up tall or lie down, whatever is the most easiest and comfortable for you. Take some deep, cleansing breaths as you feel yourself begin to ground in your body. We’re going to touch and agree with your vision harnessing the powerful energy of our chakra system. I have included a description below of the colors and location of each chakra on the body to make it easy for you to find and understand the function of each one. As you meditate on the words of the script, be sure to speak them aloud allowing the vibration of your words to rest on each of the chakras as you hold the energy space with your touch- a light tap and then hold. Breathe deep and full with each inhale and exhale. Feel the sensation throughout your body as your cells are being reprogrammed and activated with your instruction to perform on your behalf.

If you want to amp up the voltage of energy in your Sacred Space, clear the space with sage, incense and/or sound. Play some high vibrational music in the background, light a candle and get to visioning!

I look forward to hearing all about your chakra tapping experience.

1st Chakra: Base or Root
Located at the base of the spine.
Earth, survival, grounding, stillness
It grounds us in the physical world.

2nd Chakra: Spleen: Located just beneath the navel, and
related to our sexual and reproductive capacity.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus: Seat of Emotions. Gives us a sense of personal
power in the world.

4th Chakra: Heart
Seat of the soul. Connector of the upper and lower chakras.


5th Chakra: Throat
Tied to creativity and communication. Speaking your authentic truth.

6th Chakra: Third eye
Intuition. Physical eye at the base of the brain
with the capabilities of looking upward.
Imagination. Visioning.

7th Chakra: Crown
Spiritual connection to your higher realms.
Divine source. Nirvana – God


Learning to Rest in Who I Is…

  1. Gratitude is ALWAYS my attitude.
  2. I always act, speak, think, and live in SERVICE to my God-given gifts.
  3. My ancestors are with me and want me to SUCCEED. I acknowledge them in all I do.
  4. I open myself up to infinite possiblities and welcome ideas, requests, positions, approaches, and people that increase my CREATIVE VISION
  5. I connect, acknowledge and honor the Divine Source in my life. I show up to DO and BE the work, and I am supported by Divine Source and my higher self yielding powers, influence and infinite wisdom.
  6. I confidently and boldly SHOW Up as who I is!
  7. I Listen, Learn, Love, REPEAT

Ase’ Amen and So It Is, So Be It!

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