Money is an InnerG (energy). It has a vibration behind it, and based on the quality of that vibration, you will ultimately determine your relationship to it. For me it has been a tumultuous one. As I write this, I hear this song playing in the back of my mind,

“Break up to make up, that’s all we do
First you love me then you hate me, that’s a game for fool…’

Yes it has surely been a love-hate relationship. A series of broken beliefs and habits about money which came as a result of what I was taught and wasn’t taught about money growing up. This put me at a serious disadvantage navigating the world with a poverty stricken mindset that believed that there wasn’t enough, that you had to work super hard for it and by all means you better not never LOVE it because that was just plain, flat out EVIL, and you want to get to Heaven, right??!!!!

Awww man, when I started working on my story about money, talk about icky and depressing for all that came up. No wonder we were playing what appeared to be a never-ending Fool’s Game with one another. I decided to start changing my thought process, challenge the beliefs and change my language. I would challenge my husband as to what we would now say to ourselves and our children. Clearly we were desperately attempting to outrun the damaging stories we were told and had adopted from our own parents. It was time to break the vicious cycle of poverty which ultimately begins in the mind.

How do you change a mindset that has been ingrained in you for umpteen years? 

It starts by being intentional and deliberate about the story you will choose and tell. It is learning to find your abundance flow and putting yourself directly in it is path. It is coming to the very awareness that you have all that you need and have access to an unlimited supply by a Divine Source. It requires an upgrade to your current vibration surrounding Money, Prosperity and Abundance. Shifting the very rhythm of it in accordance to your divine birthright and the fact that you are truly worth and deserving of all the good you desire, NOW!

I have used so many helpful tools and techniques to create a new reality. A trust and faith that just like the birds and flowers in the field, I too will be cared for by a loving God and self-serving Universe that acts on my every command. It was time to command it to work on my very behalf as we come into right alignment and relationship.

Below you will find one of the techniques I iNJOY, tapping. I shared in a previous post. This routine is a really quick, shortened version of tapping that will take less than five minutes and can easily incorporate into your selfCare routine to start uncovering those money blocks. With this conscious awareness it enables you to identify those blocks and patterns, challenge and replace it with new programming that you can begin telling a Prosperity Story instead of the old Poverty one.

The Money Tap Exercise

For this exercise you will use the middle finger of your right hand to tap on your thumb and all of the fingers on your left hand.

Tap on the finger points. There are meridian endpoints at the ends of your fingers, just beside your fingernail.

  • Beginning with the outer side of your thumb. Tap on it with your right middle finger as you start off with the following Setup Statement.  –
    Even though up until now I thought I wasn’t going to have enough money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.
  • Repeat the Setup Statement while tapping on your thumb three times.
  • Move on to your index finger and begin tapping while you say the following –

I am so grateful 

  • Middle finger tapping while saying the following –

NOW that I realize 

  • Ringer finger tapping while saying the following –

        I am always going to have

  • Pinky finger tapping while saying the following –

       way more money that I ever need!

Once you have completed a few rounds of this tapping sequence close by taking a deep breath bringing hands to your heart  and then exhaling your hands out. Notice whatever came up while you were tapping and how you feel after. Take some time to journal about your experience pinpointing any particular incidences in the past that contributed to your money blocks. Choose to change and tell a different story, one filled with Prosperity and Power. You can do this at any time as often as you like. Have fun and iNJOY improving your relationship with money.

Ready to amp up your Money Vibration even more?

Learn how to bless your money with our My Money Circulates: Money Blessing Oil & Guided Meditation.

Have a money unblocking ritual or practice you have implemented with great results. Feel free to comment below. I love adding new tools to our Sacred toolkit to share with others.

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