Pamela McCauley, PH.D., C.P.E.

Dr. Pamela McCauley is an ergonomics and biomechanics expert, an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, a Professor and Director of the Ergonomics Laboratory in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida where she leads the Human Factors and Ergonomics in Disaster Management Research Team. 

Dr. McCauley is an award-winning educator and trailblazer! She made history — becoming the first African-American woman in the State of Oklahoma to earn her Ph.D. in engineering. A field scarce of women, especially women of color. Committed to bridging the gap, Dr. McCauley addresses this topic in research-based book; Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation: Inspiration and Strategies for Women, which examines the growing need for leadership and innovation in America, particularly among women and STEM professionals. 

To inspire students, particularly minorities and females, to consider careers in STEM, she authored, Winners Don’t Quit…Today they Call Me Doctor, in which she shares her challenging yet inspirational journey to engineering success despite financial, academic and personal difficulties. She recalls her journey as a teen mom, giving birth to her daughter at the tender age of 15 and being told by her public assistance/welfare case worker that she was fated to be “just another statistic.” According to the National Science Foundation, of the 9,489 doctrates awarded in engineering in 2013, only 0.7% went to African-American women – leading Dr. McCauley to lovingly joke that she did become a statistic after all!

Learn more about this amazing speaker, author and iconic woman who continues to break through those glass ceilings. Visit her site . 

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