It is coming up on a year milestone for my Yoni Egg journey. So much has transpired since that time and it is so wonderful to be able to reflect on the beautiful growth. Since that time I launched, The Womb Sanctuary and we have our new site that is being reloaded with information and resources to serve you, our soulTribe Community! I am reposting below my first blog entry on my Yoni Egg experience. iNJOY and be sure to comment about your experience or if you haven’t started already what questions do you have? Yes, it’s time to Expand Your YONiVerse and we’re so excited to be able to join you.



August 22, 2014

Yesterday I used my Yoni Egg for the first time. Based on my research and what resonated with me, I chose the Black Obsidian to begin my healing work.  I sat around with this egg for over a month. It remained proudly perched on a shelf in my yoga studio, nestled amongst the essential oils, rose water, Vedic incense, crystals and salt lamp that kept it company while it waited for the call that it was time for our work to begin. I relied on my intuitive guidance to set the time for our sacred encounter.  I didn’t want to just rush into it. Learning how to to occupy and inhabit all of the spaces within me fully have been challenging, since I’ve mostly been a visitor, a spectator at best, but an inhabitant… an occupant, this was a first. Body awareness brings you back home like the prodigal son, and there’s this huge celebration going on the more and more you discover the occupation of the world should never supersede the occupation of one’s Self, your true Self… learning to love and cherish the body you inhabit and the skin you’re in.

“Yoni Eggs aka Jade eggs, have been used for many decades by the most in-tuned women who knew that keeping good vaginal wellness was keeping universal wellness.The more in-tuned a woman is in her femininity the better all her relations will be. Using the Yoni Eggs while doing designated Kegel exercises, is said to be like doing Vaginal Kung Fu!!  Not only does it tighten the walls of the yoni, it will also increase sensitivity therefore increasing feelings of pleasure.” ~Organic Blood





Oops…  I just laid my Yoni EGG!

I really inJOYed this e-Book by Namaste Moore, Yoni Egg Secrets: The Definitive Guide very informative and turned out to be a huge help when I unexpectedly laid my egg in the TOILET!!!! Yes, that was Day 1 had to go fishing in my toilet after having held it in for every bit of 30 minutes.  So it was back to the beginning… sterilization, cleansing, clearing and intention setting. On this second go round, my heart didn’t beat as much as my entertaining thoughts of an ER visit explaining, ‘why I have an egg stuck inside of me’ subsided as a result of how easy it was to launch my Yoni egg into the toilet earlier. Contrary to my overactive imagination …no, my Yoni egg would not get lost in orbit inside of me, and get lodged in my throat! I was more relaxed this time allowing the mantric chants and my energizing breaths to sedate me as I laid back on my bolster in a reclining cobbler or Supta Baddha Konasana pose to open the hips. The re-entry was easy and I remained there for several womb breaths. I decided on an overnight stay for my Yoni egg after I flowed into some additional yoga poses to make it a little more snug. By the way Baddha Konasana is such a yummy pose. Check out one of my variations of the pose below:


Yoni in the Middle

I greeted hubby before I went to bed. He had just arrived home from work and we started sharing the events of our day. These past few weeks have been pretty tense with our eyes affixed to the TV and the news at that, since it’s hardly turned on in our house. The excessive forecast of doom and gloom on repeat through the tube has a way of getting inside your head and weighing you down. Since the slaying of Michael Brown it’s been back on again and we’ve watched horrified by the unrest in Ferguson and this eerie roll call of injustice against young black men dying at the hands of the police, and YES, I am fully aware of the black on black crime that makes homicide one of the leading causes of black men in our nation. “Death is inevitable, but premature death is not, including among young black men,” said Hennekens in this Huffington Post Interview. “This is a devastating epidemic.” An epidemic I know firsthand with the loss of my cousin earlier this year as a result of homicide. It devastated our family and shook me to the core hollowing out my insides.  So these past few weeks again have reminded us of that “proverbial talk” we have to have as parents with our black suns. It has me hugging my sun who is seven even tighter, planting sweet kisses on his gentle, beautiful, amazing BEING inhaling his essence and wanting to fiercely protect him against a world which will often question his value and even his right to live. So it’s up to my hubby and I to reinforce those lessons at home with our youngest two about their worthiness, value, importance and that they are enough and that their #BlackLivesMatter!  (Since the reposting of this story. We have also seen an increase in the loss of lives of our black women. #SayherName campaign has emerged to keep their names in the forefront) I recognize the overwhelming frustration in hubby’s voice as it is getting to be too much for him to swallow. I watch the mounting, the erection of this mountain weighing down his shoulders and I have tried to persuade him to turn off the TV, get off the computer and stop getting so consumed like how I had become with the murder of Trayvon Martin. It was the first time I had been confronted with the FEAR and the stark reality of parallel lives, where I as a black mother have to have those “proverbial talks” and add while you’re at it to my sun and hubby, “when you go out these doors… please try not to get shot or choked… just make it back home safe!  This is my TRUTH and some of the things I grapple with, that no amount of time on my yoga mat makes disappear. There is this lingering and images of strange fruit not sugar plums dancing around in my head which I have to check… Remember, I get to choose, so I will not let it own my thoughts, my desires, my hopes and dreams. I concentrate on the love and light permeating from within and its remarkable power to transmute the dark by simply BEING!


This conversation between hubby and I is starting to heat up going down a road where Reaction overtakes Responses and “I apologize” would come only after pondered reflections… I prepare to interject, to steer us down a side street and take a shortcut instead because I want him to put down the mountain and look through a different lens. Our conversation isn’t even about Michael Brown or Ferguson but then again it is, the underlining of this jambalaya soup of mixed emotions and our own inherent fears that we sup on. I feel the words rising up with me ready to “fix it”… ready to take his portion away and start rattling off my suggestions as to how he should handle the situation we’re now discussing while the CNN commentators blare in the background.  And as my need to have him see it “my way” begins to make its way towards my lips I feet the instant pull of my womb. It brings me back to the awareness of my Yoni in the Middle with this Black Obsidian egg nesting between my walls and our agreement to do the work. The work that we have to do together and no one else could do for me or take my portion any longer.  The urge to breathe deeply into that space comes over me… I am guided to breathe into my Yoni egg, the need to react, the need to fix, the need to make it right in a world where some things happen that we cannot understand and no amount of prayers, meditation, asanas, steaming baths to release the stench of it all from our pores or whatever other ways we look to release or suppress it (for most) can make it any different…. Some things we will never be able to give a good enough explanation to make it right or have it make sense. I close my lips and continue to breathe, resigning myself to sleep so my Yoni egg could work overnight without further interruption. I clap my pelvic walls together applauding our first completed assignment together.

By morning amid the tasks to get my children off to school, I decide to release the egg. I have Ashtanga practice at 12:00 pm and just in case, to avoid another unexpected laying of my Yoni egg in the middle of class I consider it best to leave it at home. I am really excited about my Yoni journey, this newfound womb wisdom I am delving into, experiencing this spacial movement of occupying and inhabiting all parts of me, as I make room for the MORE GOOD and MIRACLES in my life! I look forward to hearing from other Yoni Egg virgins or vets! Let’s connect… Happy nesting

My Yoni Egg Experience – Part 2

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