soulSurrender – Uses the healing arts of SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga – incorporating holistic health counseling with facilitated stretching, broad deep compression, and breath focus – to help individuals find physical, mental and emotional relief and discover a sustainable renewed sense of self. It is a natural method of helping address existing health challenges and acts as a form of preventative medicine. Traditional Thai Yoga has its roots in the Indian systems of Yoga and Ayurveda. Around 2000 years ago Thai Yoga was brought from India to Thailand. Since then it has been practiced, developed and handed down through the generations. SomaVeda™ Traditional Integrated Therapies was developed by Dr. Anthony James as a way of incorporating indigenous and ancient healing methods with modern modalities and understanding to bring a whole new perspective to clients and students alike. It is an elegant and comprehensive view of the whole person. “There is no magic pill” gives the combination of international healing traditions its sophistication.

What is Thai Yoga Therapy? – 

  • “Thai Way of Healing with The Hands, its more traditional name or known as as Lazy Man’s Yoga, is a comprehensive, sophiscated healing art.
  • Thai Yoga combines the classical qualities found in Indian yoga, acupuncture, acupressure and Shiatsu, reflexology of the feet and the hands, meditation and prayer, Ayurvedic science of chakras, aromatherapy and the use of plants and herbs as medicine.
  • Thai Yoga incorporates elements of energetic and pranic assessment, minfulness, gentle rocking, asana positional release, deep stretching, focused breathing or pranayama, and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience.
  • Thai Yoga involves passive, assisted, non-ballistic, faciliated, range of motions only not specific adjustments. 

*Disclaimer– This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific dis-ease should consult a qualified integrated physician, preferably a holistic physician, prior to using our service.

  Benefits of SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga

Pain Relief

Release of Muscle Tension
Stress Relief
Improved Breathing
Non-Intrusive – sessions are fully clothed
Immunity Boosting
Promote Better Digestion
Improved Circulation
Helpful for Joint and Back Pain
Mental Clarity
Reduced Anxiety
Improved Sleep
Emotional Release
Body Awareness
Overall well-BEING


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        What People Are Saying About Us… 

Nyssa Rhiannon Hanger, MA, LMT

“This year I decided to take a more active role in “being the client” and experience the healing arts of my colleagues. Shelley Parris Williams was first on the list! Two days ago, I went on a journey to the The Womb Sanctuary and gave myself over to Shelley’s caring hands. 

Here is me at the end and I can say the look on my face says it all. Relaxed and joyful. Shelley helped by holding the space for my body to let go and shared her own unique practice of prayer, thai yoga, breath attention and full intention. Living divinity is what that is. We all deserve an afternoon in sacred space with a dear friend.”


Jessica Merced, Licensed Aesthetician

“Shelley is truly my sister now. She is inspiring-motivational-Loving-Kindness- She is all the good ing, Love ya sister!”


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