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“Herbal Vaginal Steaming… I discovered in the summer of 2014. My discovery of this ancient womb healing practice opened up an amazing new YONiverse for me! I realized that for most women, including myself we can spend years living apart and disconnected from our very own bodies. The very bodies that support us day in and day out. This Sacred selfCare ritual enables us to re-establish a clear dialogue with our bodies, especially our WOMBs.”


Vaginal Steam, V-Steams or Yoni Steams.  This herbal womb cleanse combines the ancient practice of herbs and steam medicine adopted from indigenous African, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean and Asian Cultures. To help aid and support in the detox and overall wellness of the vagina and reproductive system, incorporating holistic health counseling with breath focus, facilitated stretching and yoga asanas (postures) to open the hips, increasing circulation to the womb, and removing tension in the back and pelvis. Clients are seated on an open chair for 60 minutes, covered with three (3) custom made sauna capes to allow for the release of the herbal steam to penetrate vaginal tissues. A full body sweat and detoxification is experienced as the pores open for the skin to absorb the herbal steam. Detoxification happens, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually  – to help individuals find physical, mental and emotional relief and discover a sustainable renewed sense of self. It is a natural method of helping address existing health challenges and acts as a form of preventative medicine to specifically address Abnormal Growths in the Womb, Infertility, Hormonal & Menstrual Disorders, Emotional, Spiritual & Mental Imbalances. This non-invasive technique has over 25 Health Benefits to support women with various health challenges and those looking to maintain their overall health and well-BEING.

Abnormal Growths in the Womb, Infertility, Hormonal & Menstrual Disorders, Emotional, Spiritual & Mental Imbalances

 Steam & Surrender 

Our Steam & Surrender Oriental Blend of healing herbs was formulated for us by our very own Dr. De’Nicea M. Hilton, D.O.M of Hilton Holistic Health. This Sacred Offering involves: 

  • A signature herbal blend which delivers a steam bouquet of Eastern Traditional Chinese Herbs.
  • A gentle cleanse to nourish and strengthen the womb with an energetic charge leaving you to feel replenished and rejuvenated.
  • Use of a far infrared steamer
  • A Sacred selfCare Starter Kit 

soulRadiance – Our womb is the Sacred Seat of Creation. Embodying our Divine Feminine Energy and Innate Power. It is the nurturing grounds from which  our physical and spiritual seeds take form. Igniting the very offsprings of our Divine BEING… bringing them to LIFE!  

Broken or disrupted communication to that intrinsic Power Source leaves us, often depleted and destroyed aimlessly searching for everything outside of ourselves to complete us.  We in turn become storehouses for negative and stagnant energy to take up residence reeking havoc in our lives in the areas of our physical, emotional, spiritual and  mental plains. Our body becomes that living journal recording every experience, every encounter. When we stay stuck, blocked and filled to the brim in the muck and junk, signals begin to fail and messages get lost in translation.

Ready to find your way out of the mayhem?

Ready to awaken your womb and hear her speak?

Ready to become energetically lighter?

If you answered YES… then this soulSession is definitely for you!  

*Disclaimer– This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific dis-ease should consult a qualified integrated physician, preferably a holistic physician, prior to using our service.


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        What People Are Saying About Us… 

Stephanie Outten, Author | Speaker

“The soulRadiance Herbal Vaginal/Yoni Steam is where I found my greatest release and joy. As the sweat literally poured from my body as the steam made its way into my outer most sensitive place, I knew the sweat was the toxins and negative energy I’ve been carrying around for so many years. I finally felt like I was releasing the anger over struggling relationships, the fear of rejection and disappointment, the lack of clarity, and on and on. My womb was finally able to breathe again, and she was so excited to exhale the negativity and inhale the power she’s supposed to possess.”


Stefanie Johnston, Natural Essence

“Shelley and the The Womb Sanctuary team literally saved me. My soul mind and body has been taught self love and care and it has been life changing for me!”

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