Sacred Me 


A powerful move of Radical selfCare and selfLove inspired by

Ancient Healing Traditions and Sacred Femcare Tools & Techniques to empower YOU to reclaim your SACREDness!

Reverence – Honor – Worthy 

Common words used to define the meaning of Sacred! Three words we too often forget to acknowledge within ourselves. Many times succumbing to this idea that there is always someone else, more deserving of the More Good and Miracles we envision for ourselves. The spark fades and fizzles, and one day your staring in the mirror no longer sure who’s staring back. Yet there is a vague memory of her. The parts of you that had disappeared due to years of neglect! The one too many times of putting her off with, “not now,” and unfulfilled promises of “maybe later”, “I’ll get to you… soon”  

Sound familiar? 

Need time to NOURISH and REPLENISH?

Ready to Finally Put her FIRST?

Willing to Fulfill those Promises to YOURSELF?!

AWESOME…. So we’re inviting you to experience    7 days of reconnecting to you, and your G-Spot (GOD-Spot), to honor yourself in Body, Heart, Mind & Soul! A dedicated time for you to BE GOOD to YOU… just because, well, you’re WORTH IT!





and while you’re at it… Drop Some WEIGHT! How about BECOMING 10 pounds lighter- ENERGETICALLY?


What a great opportunity to jumpstart your selfCare and rekindle your inner connection! One of the BEST PROJECTS you’ll ever work on is YOU! While there’s no way to ever put a price on your well-BEING, because you’re definitely WORTH every INVESTMENT you make into YOURSELF, right now we’re offering incredible savings (over $500 in value)  to get you started  TODAY on your Sacred Me Journey!

7 – Sacred selfCare Tips & Planner 

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        What People Are Saying About Us… 

Yoli James, Corporate Manager

“Words can’t describe how much The Womb Sanctuary has helped in shifting my life in the right direction. I thought I had it all together but was tired of repeating some of the same life lessons over and over. I highly recommend women take the time out for themselves and visit. Shelley is an amazing, patient and genuine coach. She’s an igniter! You will not be same after The Womb Sanctuary. I’ll be forever grateful!”


Ashlee John, Fete Fit

“I experienced some great ways to release myself of different burdens I have been carrying. I also worked on some exercises that will help fill me to where I am able to pour from the overflow of my cup. I am receiving inner peace, exhale, realese, forgiveness, healing, wisdom, love and respect. Thank you Shelley!

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