Imagine You: A Mirror Work Meditation

Vision Prep work~ Set aside some quiet time and find a place where you can be undisturbed for about 30 minutes. Ideally, if you have a Sacred Space that you go to be refueled and recharged make plans to go there. Bring along your Vision Journal so you are able to write down some action items and capture anything that comes up during this time.

  • Meditate & Reflect ~ Prepare yourself for this meditation and reflection time by connecting with your breath. Bring your attention and focus into the body. You can also access our womb breathing exercise to help you connect with your body and breath or take yourself through a couple rounds of breathing on your own. This will help relax and open you up to receive your womb wisdom. Remember our Womb is the Sacred Seat of our Creation and she wants to dialogue with you. Time to hear her speak.
  • Celebrate with Sacred Words~ Time to celebrate the woman that God has called you to be! Time to connect with her and as a part of our Sacred Services here at The Womb Sanctuary we like to include the reading of Imagine a Woman poem by Patricia Lynn Reilly. It is such a beautiful and powerful poem to help channel that Greatest and Highest Vision of Yourself. Listen NOW to the words with an open heart and mind as you envision yourself as the woman they are referring to because you are! I just need you to see her clearly!
  • Write it Down~ Once you have sat with the vibrations of those words and allowed them to reverberate throughout your entire being take out your Vision journal and write down the first power statement that comes to mind. Your power statement should begin with I AM or I HAVE… Jot down as many as you can. You now have your own personal affirmations you can begin to work with and focus on.  Focus your energy and attention on making room for the MORE GOOD and MIRACLES to be made Manifest in your life. Of course as you do this, the negative selfTalk will start to kick in. Review any negative thought patterns, blocks or statements that come up. Allow yourself to acknowledge those feelings and be one with them. As you hold the weight of those thoughts and words ask yourself, Is any of it True? Is any of it Relevant? What is the first memory of me having these thoughts, feelings or speaking these words? Who was the storyteller… My mother, father, grandparent a sibling, or a spouse? Whose belief is it? Mine or theirs?
  • Choose Your Fuel ~ Time to reprogram any negative self-talk/thoughts, replace and cancel them out with your power statement/affirmations. You should always make your statements in the present tense, such as I AMor I HAVE. This is operating in the space that you already have all those things that you desire, it is just a matter of declaring, affirming and allowing it be made manifest in the physical. Remember you get to choose and decide what you will lend your energy to. Bless the outdated thoughts, feelings and emotions and allow it to pass through you as they do not serve to support and nourish the idea and belief of the Greatest and Highest Version of Yourself!
  • Commit to your Mirror work~ at least 2-3 days look yourself in the mirror and speak those power statements and words of admiration and adornment aloud. It’s a good idea to  have a compact case or a portable mirror you can use throughout your day. Especially anytime you have a negative thought or negative selfTalk that starts chattering away in your head, whip out that mirror and speak the positivity and power back into your Spirit to cancel the low vibrations trying to creep in. Keep in mind the more you do the work, the more things will come up and it can all be very frustrating, uncomfortable and even depressing. The process is learning to be with what is, allowing those feelings and thoughts to pass through you without judgment and criticism, no longer suppressing and stuffing but releasing it to enable expansion and room for the MORE GOOD and MIRACLES to happen!
  • Visualize- Create or update your vision board, set up your power space and it can be a corner on a shelf, the inside of a closet just somewhere that you connect, recharge, and power up with the AWEsomeNESS of your Vision. It is your job to Breathe life into it, speak it, taste it until you wake up one day to find you are living it! You are a Powerful Creative Being and once we become conscious and aware of those amazing capabilities, then we are able to create the life that we love and love the life that we live!

Hey You, YES, YOU are DESERVING, you are BEAUTIFUL, you are POWERFUL beyond measure, You are ENOUGH, You are AMAZING!!!!

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