Sacred Floats and Gems

Sacred Floats and Gems
Sacred Floats and Gems
We have come to help enlighten the Tampa Bay area using Sensory deprivation tanks, come and tune into the wonderful temple you know as your body. Defy Gravity, Detoxify, heal, rest, and much more. We also offer an Oxygen Bar, light and sound therapy and a fine selection of Gems and Minerals and Fossils

Established in 2014 Sacred Floats and Gems Co. is the original center to have first brought Flotation therapy to the Tampa bay area. Located in the trendy up and coming spot known as Seminole Heights. Just exactly where this holistic healing shop has found a forever home. Striving to make your stay as cozy and comfortable as possible you may find SFG is quite the hidden gem. With a wide range of treasures discovered by Jared owner and founder of SFG; making each piece excitingly unique. Your eyes will take you through your familiar sage bundles, singing bowls, and jewelry to rare specimens such as fossils, gems and minerals. Besides making the environment that much more inviting with the allure of sparkle and shine; Sacred Floats also offers its many services to help relax and rejuvenate both mind and body.

Flotation tanks: You may find yourself swaying away into endless space with Flotation therapy. Allowing your physical and mental body to experience zero stimuli you will enter a world unknown to you since you were first in the womb.With a whopping 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt and only 150 gallons of H20 your body is suspend effortlessly above this solution. Achieving complete bliss in a stress free healing theta inducing vessel of warm love.

Oxygen Bar: Offered at SFG is also an oxygen bar choosing from any of the lovely aromas to go along with the 98% pure oxygen.Great for detox, mental clarity, headaches, and hangovers.

Light and Sound Machine: Going onto the third service is a light and sound therapy machine. Breaking new grounds: The LAXMAN light and sound machine is offered at SFG. This machines glasses can create every color of the light spectrum. Binaural-beats are incorporated simultaneously which provide a very special state of relaxed clarity, and concentration. Inspiring your inner and outer world

Infrared Sauna: Finally we have the infrared sauna. Which uses infrared light instead of your tradition other methods to warm the area up. It is said to be a more healthy route to detox, weight loss, and anti aging formulas.

We hope you will find something at SFG you can take with you forever.

Sacred Floats & Gems Co.
6719 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604
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Sacred Floats and Gems