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Empowerful Bodywork
134 Whitaker Rd.
Lutz, FL 33549
Structural Energetic Therapy: Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Massage Therapy

The focus of Empowerful Bodywork is to “empower” others by facilitating greater balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) is the modality to achieve this. SET involves UNIQUE cranial/structural techniques, specific and specialized deep tissue protocols, and emotional energy release therapy (EERT).
SET is based on the premise that all of us are born with a distortion in our bodies, which often manifests as pain and conditions as our bodies develop compensatory patterns. Don McCann, the founder of SET, developed the Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release which releases the myofascial restrictions in the cranium; thereby, unwinding the entire body towards greater balance from head to toe! Once applied, all other deep tissue work is maximized. Clients report having greater strength, greater endurance, MAXIMUM pain relief, and are less prone to injury.
Lymphatic Fluidity & Wellness Clinique
25121 Geddy Drive
Signature skin manipulation techniques geared to elicit detoxification of stagnant toxins just below the skin towards the colon and bladder.

Guirla ‘Gearla’ Pharnus-Babtiste is an Occupational Therapy clinician and Certified Holistic Manual Lymph practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the delivery of rehabilitation services to patients and clients in the acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home health settings. She is a graduate from Loma Linda University and is currently a Director of Rehabilitation at a local rehab center in the Tampa Bay area.

4 sessions for $480.00
Sisters of Flow
Uteruses everywhere!
Go-to resource for anything and everything menstrual cycles.

Providing valuable information to help you have a better period experience. Gain knowledge around products and services that are available, as well as what advances are being made in the field of menstrual cycles. The Flow Store has shirts where you can proudly show your support for the Flow and can order books recommended by Dr. D. Be sure to check out the Flow Resources page with companies hand-picked by Dr. D that provide quality products, services and information to help you manage the flow.

For your personal use, Get to Know Your Flow online course was created to guide you in learning about your cycle with a well-rounded and holistic approach. Check it out – it’s only 4 weeks (just like your cycle!)
Get to Know Your Flow online course for only $27 (reg. $47)
The Womb Sauna
3522 Silver Park Drive #3 Suitland MD 20746
Thema Azize Serwa is sounding an alarm that ancient vaginal herbal steam medicine has an effective place in modern medicine! She is truly in her pioneering moment through creating The Womb Sauna experience, which offers a life-changing, sacred expression of vaginal steaming

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The Womb Sauna