Photo: @phyllis.iller
Body Painting Credit: @awanights
Portrait Artist: @X718_

Nomadiq Merchant Inc. 

It was when I started selling waist beads that I noticed that a very large percentage of the pictures I saw were of women under size 6. Now, from looking at my community, I know that a large number of us are not size  and below, and yet there is no strong representation.

I said, “let me market my beads to sisters that are curvy and voluptuous and have some extra on their bones.”  I mean, how can the majority not be represented and are actually held down?? Remember that happy women create happy environments. With a great amount of us not happy with what we see everyday because of some societal standards, surely it won’t make for happy environments.

I am here to celebrate the womb in all her glory as she is in this present state. Waist beads bring confidence and encourages one to ‘smell herself’!!!”


I am not saying that you will magically feel sexy, although that’s what I’ve been told is happening, I’ll say that it will encourage you. You’re beautiful. It’s true! ~Yetunde Orungbemi, Creatress of Nomadiq Merchant Inc.

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