Creatress Yetunde Orungbemi is a Masterful Weaver of VISION!

In 2014, after almost 12 years of successfully establishing herself as a savvy enterprising woman in Metro-Atlanta, Yetunde, owner of Nomadiq Merchant Inc returned to her native land of Nigeria to launch, what would evolve into a powerful movement focused on healing women through the use of  waistbeads!  The mission to reconnect them to pure source energy would involve carefully hand selected waist beads guided by the pure intentions of each sister that would choose to adorn them on her waist.


Nomadiq Merchant Inc waist beads offers a very unique experience with Yetunde being the third hands to touch them, she then takes the waist beads to the Atlantic ocean on behalf of each sister who has invested in them.  Along the ocean shores the waist beads are methodically cleansed, while Yetunde speaks over them using the intentions each sister has entrusted her with as a part of their investment. This beautiful ritual all takes place in West Africa so when the beads journey to America they are meant to close the gap even more between the stolen children of Africa bringing with them the mighty vibrations of the motherland. This symbolic gesture delivers wet, sandy and plump with prayers- waist beads programmed to heal and purge!


Yetunde Orungbemi is a 32 years old entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, aromatherapist, and overall visionary who comprehends and stands on the need to merge business and spirituality in order to truly make an impact on this leg of her journey. Learn more about why women wear waist beads?

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