It’s like she wakes from this deep slumber where she spoke contradictions fluently… Until it is replaced with a Sacred Language, deciphering a code of sorts, that when she responds to the soulTribe call she finally senses, the long anticipated wait of coming home to herself.

She gets formally introduced, to the Sacred Seat of her Creation which has been waiting patiently for her to connect. The commune is so sweet, honest and earnest, it reacquaints her with the closed off parts of herself, rooms locked away and finally she finds the courage to go in. I call her BRAVE!

Groomed in body awareness she identifies patterns, cycles, and behaviors that stifle her growth. She remembers a time when she once was free… She remembers a song she once used to sing and she sips tea, separates from the masquerade called her life and strips down naked, baring her soul, allowing the medicinal steam to penetrate steel walls that once hardened her, tears fall and the walls come crashing down, and she honors the vulnerability,that truly is her strength. I call her MIGHTY!

She traces the scars that she once despised, outlining them with her love because it reminds her of all that she survived and she’s ready to rise up and THRIVE, celebrate the journey, transmuting the pain along the way into her inspired power. The power that she uses to take back… her voice and with her Sacred Words she communicates, constructing the life she deserves!

No more settling. I call her UNAPOLOGETIC!

~Shelley Parris Williams

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