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What’s In a Name

Ugly | Unworthy | Weak | Barren | Broke | Poor | Loser | Broken | Forgotten | Crazy | Judged | Sick | Depressed | Dumb | Powerless | Flawed


As women, we’ve either been called, or we’ve called ourselves, the negative words above.  For every negative name we’ve spoken over our life, there is an antonym, the opposite, of what we’ve believed about ourselves.  How often have you spoken death to your dreams?  How often have you broken your own spirit with the words coming out of your mouth?  When was the last time you called into greatness the woman that God intended you to be? 

The effects of the verbal assault we’ve been victim to can fracture us from the inside out.  We’re hurting, but there are no visible scars, no open wounds that others can see. Since no one can see them, we just act like they don’t exist. But our souls have been ripped to shreds from the intense onslaught of verbal attacks against our character, our minds, our bodies, and our spirit.  It’s time to be set free!


What’s really in a name?  Your name can mean defeat or triumph.  Look at Jabez in the Bible.  His mother named him Jabez, which means sorrowful or trouble, because he was born to her in pain. She gave him a name that could have set a destructive pattern for his life. But, he didn’t sit in the pain of his name. Because of that, God heard his prayers and blessed Jabez indeed.

When you’ve been called outside your name, it settles into your center, your womb-space, the place where your vision and purpose are created and then birthed.  Don’t allow the destructive names you’ve been called cause you to create and birth brokenness, distrust, ugliness, pain, sorrow, frustration…

When others have called you outside your name, and even when you have dubbed yourself something you are not, God can remove the stain of your name and call you Blessed, call you Mighty, call you a Powerful Woman of God.  Don’t just become a better version of yourself through calling yourself Great.  Walk into a new way of life by intentionally speaking affirmatively about yourself.


Beautiful | Worthy | Strong | Fruitful | Abundant | Wealthy | Winner | Whole | Favored Sane | Redeemed | Healed | Exalted | Educated | Powerful | Flawless


So, what’s in a name?



That’s what’s in a name! 

There are three things I want you to remember:

1)    Don’t let anyone call you outside your name!

2)    Take back your name, Take back your Power!

        3)    Call into greatness the woman God called you to be!


            Hold your name in high regard.  It’s yours, isn’t it?


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