There is no greater feeling than walking through open doors… And Coming Home to Yourself!

Take Up Space without apology or reservation. Open Up the windows and allow the light in, to travel over every crevice and as you do, listen close for your soul’s song! Feel the melody and rhythm you may have forgotten along the way. The one drowned out by the world’s expectations and demands.

Tap it Out under your feet, Clap it Out in your hands, Belt it Out with your lips and promise always to replenish yourself in the Spirit, rest in God’s bosom as the wondrous stories of you are foretold.

Rise in LOVE with You… Stand face to face with your Magnificence, Beauty and Splendor. Watch as your greatness is reflected back, mirroring the Necessariness of YOU! No more Cowering, Shrinking or Playing Small. Time to SHOW UP!

Life is waiting on You to Dance out Loud with your GIFTS and spread them wide and long. Your soulTribe is vigilantly awaiting your call. The NEXT step is YOU, NOW go ahead and walk through that Open Door!

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