My message during my final class for The Blendarista School of Life & Business: Coach for Life Program.  I am often asked about what I do and why the Sacred Services that we offer. I may have started my practice only a short few years but it started with my mother. She was an amazing woman who continues to inspire me today because she was not afraid to take those giants steps to making herself better, especially when it came to her professional endeavors.

I remember being a little girl sitting in the back of her college night classes. She was a single mom working full-time & attending school to fulfill her dreams of becoming a nurse. I can remember her graduation vividly and the party at the house following, where all of her friends & family gathered to celebrate her success. Night Nurse by the late, Gregory Isaac stayed on repeat as it was one of her favorite songs. Look how far this teen mother, from Trinidad had come to secure a better life for herself, and her family. We moved out of a Brooklyn apartment that we had shared with our large extended family and relocated to Miami, Florida, where for the first time we lived in a house. Once again my mother had left all she had known in pursuit of a bigger slice of that good ole’ American pie. Eventually she would go on to become a trauma Nurse for one of the top hospitals in the country. While raising myself, who was the youngest & last child still at home, my mother also took on the responsibility as a caregiver to four grandchildren, all under the age of nine. I watched my mother sacrifice. She taught me that well. As most women, we strive & sacrifice for all those around us, even bust our asses professionally making sure our work performance is impeccable. We know how to pick up titles and make lists but far too often our own personal health and well-being suffers because we have been taught to show up for everyone else, except ourselves and the very lists we make, exclude US!

The Womb Sanctuary serves in the memory of my mother because, I wish in all of her striving for better, that someone would have impressed upon her that taking care of herself, making herself a priority was not an inconvenience but necessary. Her ‪#‎selfCare‬ was essential! We provide A Sacred Space for Women to BE Seen, Heard & Loved! Come take this healing journey with us of selfCare and ‪selfLove‬ essentials! Let’s start today!

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