All of us in some form or fashion want to make a difference in the world.  Whether it is on a global scale or personal, there is a hunger and a fire deep in all of us wanting something more.  I am one of those people wanting more, so much more.  But what is “more.”  To some of us its more money, more love, more prestige.  “More” could be anything that is priority to that individual.  I am a young apprentice at adulthood, and many who have come before me assure me that there is “more.”  The key is to finding it in everyday life.


Open your eyes to the “more” that is all around us all of the time.  I believe, “Something Incredible Will Happen Today,” and it will!  Maybe it already has happened for some of us.  Each beautiful morning when I wake up I tell myself, “Maureen something incredible is going to happen today,” and at the end of every day I analyze the “incredible” that occurred.  Some days is simply trying a new local coffee shop that had an “incredible” flavored drink that I fell in love with.  On other days it was finally getting the promotion I had been working so hard for the past few years.  What I am learning is that there is “more incredible” things happening everyday than I ever remembered to pay attention to or even imagined.  You can have an incredible life and more of what you want right now, if you take the time to appreciate it.  My “incredible more” today is getting to write this blog.  I am stepping outside of my comfort zones and taking more opportunities to further express myself and allow my voice to be heard. “Incredible” is finding  The Womb Sanctuary through a wonderful group of networking professionals that came together for the same purpose; to spread their good word of hope and healing for others! Thanks for the awesome outlet!

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