Have you ever read something that was right on time?
Have you ever been down and someone spoke a word in
you that shattered the very hold of your circumstance?
Your spirits were instantly lifted and it was just the very
thing that you needed in that moment so you
wouldn’t give up or give in?


Our Vision Journal is about women supporting other women,
holding Sacred Space for them and letting them know that they are not alone.
That they are Seen, Heard & Loved!

Check out the ways you can get involved with this Sacred Movement

Simply purchase or donate an unused journal and 
write an inspiring message to the woman who is going to receive it.
It doesn’t matter that you don’t know her but I’m sure you’ve felt some of the things that she is going thru.
Speak to the possibilities, speak to her purpose, speak to her strength, speak to the fact that she is important, necessary and relevant.
Speak to the ability of her being able to rise above her circumstances and emerge as the AMAZING woman God has called her to be.
Someone did that for me.
As a former teen mom and single mother, I am so blessed by the people God assigned to me, to be His messenger and speak a word in due season!

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area there are currently three drop off locations available.

If you would like to host a drop off location at your place of business or live outside the area and still want to participate, please contact us.
Thank you for the already overwhelming response!!!

It takes a soulTribe and I AM My siSTAR’s Keeper!!!

Learn more details.

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