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We have partnered with Caregiver’s Helping Hand, Inc. to treat some very special moms to be with a day of pampering. Get involved in this worthy cause.

One of the Sacred selfCare Tools & Techniques we offer during our Client Experiences here at The Womb Sanctuary is Vision Journaling.

Vision Journaling gives participants the opportunity to take a blank canvas and begin to envision and Create a Life by Design not by default!

We implemented a Vision Journaling Exchange program which invites women who come to our Sacred Space to get an unused journal and write a few words or an encouraging letter to be presented to the next female recipient of their journal. Women have no idea who will receive their journal, but they know that that their words will inspire and encourage the next woman who visits our Sacred Space.  These women have made the commitment to take the Journey within, Back to Self.

I was inspired to create this Journal Exchange program following an invitation to speak to a group of beautifully gifted 7th grade girls.  They were journaling as a part of their group, which was started by their amazing teacher who’s also a friend of mine.  I had such a great time listening to the Visions of these girls, and I made sure the exercise we did together would go into their journals.  At the time, they were writing in their school composition notebooks. I wanted to give them something meaningful on my next scheduled visit with them and my wheels started to turn. So, I gathered my soulTribe of amazing women and began the Vision Journal Drive. With their help I was able to bless those amazing young siSTARs with some beautiful journals where the first page was filled with inspiring words just for them and a blank canvas following to challenge them to Vision forward.

This program has been so well received, and it continues in our practice today.  So we’re launching our latest Vision Journal Drive:      Sept 1 thru Sept 25 for our Moms-to-Be at Caregiver’s upcoming event in October. We’re requesting:

*New or Unused Journals

*Write an Inspiring Message to the Mom-to-BE on the first page
*Must be Received by Sept 25th (see drop off locations below)

We will be presenting Moms-to-Be with these journals, an inspirational novel and other selfCare items to make them know how important it is to Refill Your Cup at the

Caregiver’s “6th Annual Day Of Pampering For Moms to Be”

DATE: Friday, October 9, 2015
PLACE: University Area CDC
14013 North 22nd Street Tampa, Florida 33613

Huge thanks to our Affiliate Partners who have offered their location as drop off sites.

If you are outside of the Tampa Bay area and would still like to participate, please contact us for additional options.

Drop-Off Locations 

Upward Spiral Center 
6718 North Nebraska Av
Tampa, Florida
(813) 431-6148
(Box available during non-working hours )
Receive discount services when you mention The Womb Sanctuary & Free Aromatherapy Inhaler

Kaleisia Tea Lounge
1441 E Fletcher Ave, Ste 101
Tampa, Florida
(813) 977-8266
Please note closed: Sunday, Monday Tuesday (Labor Day Weekend)
Receive 10% discount when you make a donation

 Nutrition Smart Wesley Chapel 
1821 Bruce B. Downs Blvd
Receive $5 off Coupon to be applied to your purchase on $35 or more when you make a donation

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