“Stop asking the world permission to get you.
Give the world notice that you are Coming!”

I remember the first time I heard Lisa Nichols speak was a few years back. I was in a pivotal moment in my life, stuck between existing and making the leap towards living and showing up the very best version of myself. Lisa is such a transparent, powerful speaker and transformational coach whose testimony from public assistance to a publicly traded company destroys any excuses about how your past dictates your future. I was huddled on the couch in our living room with my husband and mother-in-law, all of three of us were crying and yelling, “Yes, yes!!!” back to her as her words deeply penetrated our being. She has this way of stirring up your soul and quoting her many mantras like, ‘making you mildly to moderately to significantly uncomfortable’… with being anything other than the true champion that you are. Lisa’s words speak to the champion within you roaring to come out and only allowed to once you decide you will stop playing small!

Over the years as I have transitioned going into business full-time for myself and building this huge vision that is ever evolving and changing as I birth, nurture and grow it up; Lisa has been my midwife and doula in the spirit coaching me to breathe, push and grow through this labor without aborting and miscarrying the dream. On those days when I grow weary and my light feels dim. I allow her to pour back into me. To remind me that this is all a part of the process when you have been outfitted for a dream that is just for you!  That I am enough. An unrepeatable miracle and even in my imperfections, I am prefect for this assignment. I needed to hear that today and maybe you did too, so sharing. iNJOY the video!

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