Gratitude for my Appointed Rocks who
lovingly remind me…
Look towards today’s beauty and relish in the hope
Recite stories of humble beginnings which were once marred in pain
but when you turned it over, turned it inside out
you found the BLESSOns…. wiped away tears and found the purpose
the RAWness of training ground
the countless WHY ME God(s) drifting well into the night
until Spirit echoes back… “Why Not You!”
Because there will come a time when the
reflection of you stands before you…
And you can hold sacred space for her
Speak from teachings that didn’t come from a book
Because it’s what you lived and saw until you decided
to turn to blank pages
and color a canvas co-Authored with the hands of God
that turned tear stains into stardust glittered trails
carving out a path of I CANs… I WILLs… I MUSTs
Because she roots for you
following that stardust to your doorstep
until she can look at you beaming with HOPE
because you represent her POSSIBILITIES
which reveal it was never about you siSTAR…
It was bigger than YOU…
It was for generations and the answers to
end vicious cycles to bring God’s VISION to full term
No more spilling seeds and aborting dreams
so I turn my heartache from yesterdays
and revel in the magnificent Glory of God’s today
that precious gift of work still left to be done
so I surrender as His vessel… His will be Done! 

~ Shelley Parris Williams, Founder of The Womb Sanctuary

Design: Moshood Creations
Photography: Dragan Noir Khydigi
Model: siSTAR Michelle Hyacinthe

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